Why Planning Is Key In Construction Work

For every construction or building project, a design and plan must be set out before work on site begins. Many elements cause planning to be so important from both the perspective of the construction workers and the clients whose project is in mind.

In this blog, we will be discussing why planning your construction work is key, breaking it down into certain elements to highlight the importance of planning.


One of, if not the most important reason why planning is essential is safety. You must plan out your construction projects to ensure the safety of both your staff and the client that the project is for.

Planning out your projects allows you to identify any potential errors or hazards that may occur during the construction process – allowing you to rectify those mistakes and therefore ensure that the project is planned safely before construction begins.

For every project you work on, the safety of both your staff and the project’s owner should always be your top priority – so it is crucial that you plan out every project.


It may come as a surprise but planning out your projects allows for money to be saved and thus allow your construction or building business to generate a higher profit. The reason behind this is that planning out your project will allow you to identify the materials you need and the amount of those materials that will be needed. By not planning out your projects, it will be hard to estimate what materials and amounts you will need – leading to overspending on materials.

Finance also plays a role when it comes to the physical work itself. A pre-planned project will allow for workers to know exactly what needs to be done and how they will do it, however by not planning, it will be hard to fully gauge what work needs to be done and therefore can lead to excess work being completed and mistakes to be made – both resulting in a rise in costs for the project.

For smaller construction businesses especially, it is so important to plan out your work to ensure you are making the best possible profit.


Planning your construction projects in advance allows you to know whether any potential building collaboration will be needed. For the majority of construction businesses, they specialise in one aspect of building or construction work, meaning that for certain projects (mostly larger projects), they require outsourced help.

By planning your construction project, you’ll be able to organise bringing in the extra set of hands that you need without the stress. By doing this well in advance, you’ll be able to source the help you need quickly and with a healthy amount of notice prior to work beginning, meaning you can continue to plan your projects knowing exactly what needs doing.

Furthermore, planning your projects in advance shows other businesses that you are professional and reputable, thus making future collaboration opportunities to become much easier to be established. For local businesses especially, word of mouth is a great way of increasing your business’s reputation both with other businesses but also with local consumers.

At Fortis, we know that planning is essential, which is why our on-site engineers can assist with local planning control or project engineers for a swift response to any issues that may be faced on site.

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